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Astana Nuri restaurant is located far from the bustling metropolis in a quiet picturesque corner of the resort area!
Nature here makes a person forget all the fuss and plunge into the world of fairy-tale elements, filled with mystery… The combination of mountains, coniferous forests and lakes creates a unique atmosphere for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature.
Every visitor of our restaurant is immersed in the atmosphere of romance of a country holiday, enjoying the refined interior and fine cuisine.
Caucasian and European cuisine, the menu has more than 150 names of dishes, where SHASHLIK reigns – the crown of Caucasian cuisine, we have more than 45 types of them! We do not marinate meat for kebabs, it is always fresh, because our kebabs are the best!
All dishes are prepared in accordance with national and centuries-old Eastern traditions. The restaurant has its own unique atmosphere of home comfort! We combine Eastern hospitality with European service.
All dishes prepared under the strict guidance of the chef are served with Caucasian generosity and European elegance-a wonderful salad “Baku” from juicy vegetables, eggplant caviar baked on coals, the finest “Kutabs”, “Khachapuri” from puff pastry, soup “Dovga” based on matzoni, “Dyushbara” with tiny dumplings, pilaf, “Piti” (cooked on low heat for at least six hours) or “Bozbash” always in pots rich red borscht, “kebabs” dripping with juice, sturgeon from the Caspian sea, river fish and seafood, various appetizers, salads and desserts at the end of the meal; the most delicate” Tiramissu”, the most fragrant” Baklava ” and certainly with tea brewed with thyme…
You can order take-away food in the Astana Nuri restaurant, and almost all the dishes on the menu are prepared. Delivery service is not practiced.

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