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The main thing is to make you feel comfortable. Our concept is democratic, good cuisine and high quality service. All this you will find in the grill bar “Shashlykoff”.
Delicious, juicy kebabs and steaks. Friendly staff. Prices that are not affordable. And, of course, a stylish interior, soft sofas, tables for large and small companies. And warm blankets that will give you our warmth.

Did you want to plunge into this friendly, bright atmosphere? So come soon! We are easy to find: Shashlykoff grill bars are available in almost every district of the city.

In the grill bars “Shashlykoff” we offer you the best! Our grilled dishes are prepared only from chilled meat, because it preserves all the useful vitamins and trace elements.

We prepare each dish as if for ourselves: we carefully monitor the roasting process, turn each piece with love. We pay great attention to the taste of our dishes. And we give ourselves to the cooking process completely – after all, this is our job. Only one shish kebab is not interesting, so we took care of the side dish. Crispy potatoes, pickled onions, lettuce and signature sauce perfectly complement the culinary picture!


You can taste all our specialties, salads, soups and desserts by visiting any of the Shashlykoff grill bars. But if you can’t come to us for some reason, don’t despair. Our delivery service will easily solve this problem. Order any dish from our menu directly on the website in the section “shashlik – delivery” – and it will be delivered to your home or work in the best possible way.

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