Shchuchinsk, Akmola region, Kazakhstan





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On August 4, 2019 the Red Bull 400 extreme vertical race was held at the national ski sports center in Shchuchinsk. Thus, Kazakhstan expanded its participation in the world series of this competition. The event was supported by the akimat of the Akmola region and Visit Aqmola.
In Kazakhstan, the Red Bull 400 has already met the strongest athletes on April 28, 2019 in Almaty at the Sunkar ski jump complex. Two personal records were set at once at this competition: the winner of the men’s race, Red Bull athlete Ahmet Arslan (Turkey) finished in his best time on the Almaty springboard (3 minutes 28 seconds), and the leader of the women’s race Maria Korobitskaya (Kyrgyzstan) improved her result by 22 seconds, finishing in 4 minutes 19 seconds.
The task of the participants at first glance is very simple – to run on the ski jump (the distance is “only” 400 meters). However, the constant slope of the route is about 35 degrees, which makes the ascent incredibly difficult. The competition is attended individually by men, women, and teams of 4 people. Races in every country in the world are held on certified ski jumps to create identical conditions.

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