Shchuchye-Burabay resort zone, Akmola region, Kazakhstan


09.02.2019 - 10.02.2019



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On February 9-10, the TV project “I am the champion” ended. The project “I am a champion” has already become popular with Kazakhstani schoolchildren.  Several seasons have been played, and each time tens of thousands of children aged 12-14 years across Kazakhstan join the fight for the Champion’s Cup. As a result of the stage-by-stage selection, 16 teams representing all regions of the Republic, Astana and Almaty are determined. And the final of the project is traditionally held in the form of a bright TV show with appropriate decorations and props. Since 2014, the program “I am a champion” is broadcast on the national air and is supported by the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

It is worth noting that “I am a champion” is not a pure sports competition. Good General physical fitness is sufficient to participate in team relay races. Thus, the project solves the problem of attracting the maximum number of children in each secondary school in Kazakhstan to sports and lead an active and healthy lifestyle. And from those who distinguished themselves, makes real stars.

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