Burabay/Zerenda, Akmola region, Kazakhstan





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Despite the weather, the annual “Ski marathon 2020” was held on the territory of the Almaz sanatorium!
As a result of an active struggle, Daragan Anatoly won the nomination “best marathon skier”, taking a confident first place!
“The” best ski family ” was the Volf family, which also received the award for the youngest participant thanks to Alina, a girl who, regardless of the weather, went on the ski track.
As a result, the participants not only had an active and fun time, but also received nice gifts.
The second day of the “Ski marathon 2020” was held in beautiful Zerenda.
The marathon was held at two sites, the sanatorium “Zern” and the ski base of veterans of sports Sharov. Guests were able to appreciate the ski slope, the hospitality of our region, and of course a delicious dishes.

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