Relief of the territory is various: the most part is occupied with steppes, small hilliness, flat weak divided and river valleys, the mountains are covered with woods. Climate of the region is sharply continental. Summer is short, warm; winter is long-lasting, frosty, with strong winds and with, blizzards. The minimum temperature of air makes – 40°С and maximum reaches +44° C. The vegetation is presented by steppe kinds of grass and according to landscapes, especially in northern part of area, pine-birch woods, motley grass vegetation, which covers slopes of mountains. Mountain pine woods is the riches of area.
The relief of the territory is diverse: most of it is occupied by steppes, small hills, low-divided plain and river valleys, and mountains covered with forests. The climate of the region is sharply continental. Summer is short, warm, winter is long, frosty, with strong winds and blizzards. The minimum air temperature is over minus 40 ° C, the maximum reaches plus 44 ° C. The vegetation is represented by steppe species of forbs and according to the landscapes, especially in the northern part of the region, pine-birch forests, and different-tyrsovy vegetation, which covers the slopes of the mountains. Mountain pine forests are the wealth of the region.
Akmola region appeared in 1939. The territory is 146.2 thousand square km. The regional center is Kokshetau. Population – 738 017 for 2017. National composition: thousand people (%): Kazakhs 50,99%, Russians 33,13%, Ukrainians 4,39%, Germans 3,53%, others 7,96%.   There are many nature reserves in the region, such as Kurgaldzhinsk National Park, Erementau,Atbasar, Borovoe and Zerendi hunting grounds, where hunters place and adapt various species of animals and birds to the climate. Korgalzhyn lakes are rich variety of fish, including commercial species, such as gold and silver carp, ide, pike, tench, perch and roach.